Bevel Quickstart

Axon Bevels Usage Tips

Spacing Bevel Gears

For bevel gears, the smoothest operation does not always occur at the nominal center-to-center distance. This can be due to:
  • Axis Misalignment
  • Runout
  • Tolerance Stack-up
To mitigate these issues, we recommend offsetting the Hub Bevel 0.5mm away from the center axis to allow some space between the teeth when they mesh.
Axon Bevels Recommended Center to Center Offsets
Axon Bevels Nominal Center to Center Offsets

Usage Examples

Mecanum Drivetrain

Mecanum Wheel Power Transmission

Swerve Drivetrain

Swerve Module Power Transmission

Intake Power Transmission

Coming Soon!

Lift Power Transmission

Coming Soon!