Servo Programmer

How to use the Axon Servo Programmer

The Axon Servo Programmer is used for almost every feature on the Axon MINI+ and Axon MAX+ servos.

Getting Started

Download the Axon Servo Programming Software (available here). It should look like this:

Once installed, restart your device, open the software, and plug in the Axon Servo Programmer into a USB port on your computer. Wait for the Axon Servo Programming Software to detect it. The icon on the bottom left should change to connected, and a message will be displayed in the log.

Plug in any Axon Robotics Servo into the Servo Programmer, with the signal wire on the right hand side. Wait for the Axon Servo Programming Software to say "Servo Plugged In." Once successful, click "Read" to load your servos current settings into the software. You are now ready to modify the parameters.

Switching from Servo to CR Mode

Download the CR Mode firmware (from here). Click "Mode" on the Axon Servo Programming Software, and locate the file you downloaded. Hit "Ok," and wait for the log to indicate that the change was successful.

Switching from CR Mode to Servo Mode

The process for switching from CR Mode to Servo Mode is the same. Download the Servo Mode firmware (from here) and follow the same steps as above.


Here is a brief description of what each of the parameters do:

  • Servo Angle: Operating travel of the servo, scaled from 0->255 to 0->355

  • Servo Neutral: Offsets the Neutral Position of the servo (in us)

Significant adjustments to the servo neutral position can cause unintended side affects. Proceed with caution.

  • Dampening Factor: Adjusts the D coefficient in the servo PID loop

It is not recommended to adjust Dampening Factor. It is tuned to work out of the box, and should not need to be modified.

  • PWM Power: Allows you to set a cap on the maximum power output power of the servo. Useful for use on current limited devices. 0% = no power, 100% = max power

For 4.8v operation on a REV Robotics Control or Expansion Hub, the recommended value for PWM Power is 66% for the Axon MAX/MAX+ and 75% for the Axon MINI/MINI+. For 6.0v operation using the REV Robotics Servo Power Modules, the recommended value is 85%, however it can be used at 100%. If at 100%, be mindful of the temperature of the servo, and do not allow it to get too hot, or it will shut down to protect itself from burning out.

  • Sensitivity: Dead-band of the servo. Ultra high = 1us

  • Soft Start: Limits acceleration on startup

  • Inversion: Reverses the direction of the servo (CCW default)

  • Loose PWM Protection: Servo behavior when it looses signal

    • Release: Acts as if the servo wasn't powered

    • Hold: Holds the last position it was set to

    • Neutral: Goes to the middle position

  • Overload Protection: Reduces the power output of the servo when stalled (to avoid burning out the motor)

    • Sets max power to a certain percent after a stalling for a specified number of seconds

It is highly recommended to leave Overload Protection at the default (or more conservative) settings to avoid damaging your servos

There is no 3-stage Overload Protection in CR Mode. Be careful when operating servos in high load scenarios in CR Mode.

Adjusting a parameter:

Once you have modified the parameters to your liking, press "write" and wait for the log to indicate the write was successful.

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