Servo Quickstart

Received your servos? Don't know what to do? Look no further


All servos come configured ready to use. Also included in the box is an aluminum servo horn, and a bag with some mounting accessories. However, to unlock the full potential of the servo, you will need the Axon Servo Programmer. A guide on how to use it is here.


4.8v operation:

Axon servos can be directly wired into the REV Robotics Control or Expansion hub, and setup just like any other servo.

Axon Servos have a stall current greater than the REV Robotics Control hub and Expansion hub can supply. Make sure to lower the maximum power of your servo if you plan on using them directly.

To get the most performance out of your Axon servos, you can utilize the REV Robotics Servo Power Module. This bumps the voltage from 4.8 to 6v and removes the 2a per port current restriction.

The REV Robotics Servo Power Module has a current limit of 15a, shared across all 6 ports. Proceed with caution if you plan to use more than 4 Axon servos per module.

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