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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, they are fully legal. They meet all requirements including <RE11> in GM1. Additionally, they were declared legal by the Game Design Committee in q20 on the official FTC Q&A
Yes, they are fully legal. They meet all requirements including <RE12> in GM1

When will my REDUX Through Bore Encoder or CODEX Odometry Bundle Pre-order be shipped?

The latest information on all ship dates is listed in the description on the respective product pages. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us through our contact form and we will get in touch shortly.

How long does an order take to be fulfilled?

Domestic (US) orders for in stock items placed before 6pm PST (9PM EST) are fulfilled same or next business day.
Please allow an additional 1-2 business days for international orders to be fulfilled.

Why does my REDUX Through Bore Encoder have two ports?

One of the ports is a incremental quadrature output. The other is an analog absolute output (0-3v3). See REDUX Through Bore Encoder for more details.

What is the difference between the Axon MAX and the MAX+ / Axon MINI and the MINI+?

The "+" in the model name indicates that the servo has a 2nd 3-pin connector in addition to the 3-pin connector used for powering and moving the servo. This 2nd connector is an absolute analog output from the internal hall effect encoder in the servo. It can be plugged into any of the 4 analog ports in the REV Robotics Control or Expansion Hubs to read the position of your servo. 0v = 0 degrees, 3v3 = 360 degrees.

Can you use an Axon Robotics Servo directly off of a REV Robotics Control or Expansion Hub?

Yes, however keep in mind that the servo ports on the REV Robotics Control and Expansion hubs are limited to 2.5a per rail (a rail is a pair of ports, ie port 0 and 1, port 2 and 3, and port 4 and 5), and pulling more than this amount will cause the hub to shut down the port. To avoid this, you can set a current limit in the Axon Robotics Servo Programming Software.
To get the most out of your Axon Robotics Servos, It is highly recommended to use the REV Robotics Servo Power Module when using them with FTC electronics. The voltage boost to 6.0v and the removal of a current limit will allow your servos to output almost twice the power they otherwise could.

How durable are Axon Robotics Servos?

Featuring an all aluminum case, a titanium powertrain, stainless steel output spline, over-temp protection, and programmable overload protection, their built to last. If you think you have received a faulty servo, reach out to us through our contact form and we would be happy to help.
Pro Tip: To increase the reduce unnecessary shock loads on your Axon Servos, see the section on Direct Drive vs Non-Direct Drive in Advanced Tips